Hercules The Legendary Journeys (S02 – E05) Outcast


Hercules The Legendary Journeys (S02 – E05) Outcast


In an Athenian village, centaur Deric enjoyed for years a peaceful life with wife Lyla and their son Kefor (3). Just before Hercules and Iolaus come visit Deric anonymously, a local gang of ‘Cretans’ has tried to chase the centaurs and semi-accidentally torched his home. Lyla died in the fire, but Kefor and Deric got away. Hercules experiences the gang’s violent aggression towards all foreigners. He has the magistrate promise a trial after Deric kills one of his wife’s murderers and tricks the villager posse to get to the centaurs first, then tries to work out a peaceful solution.


Language: English
Release Date: 2 October 1995 (USA)
Filming Locations: New Zealand

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